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Much of IT security is not readily visible to nontechnical staff. You can easily see whether your office doors are locked, but that’s not the case for your network. If you can’t say for sure that your company network is free of virtual vulnerabilities, your business and data are at risk of being compromised.

Our multipoint security service ensures you’re safeguarded against hackers and malicious attacks from a number of angles. For example, we establish a security baseline by reviewing each machine on your network and ensuring all firmware and software are up to date.

We perform virus scans and malware checks on your system and emails, set up or upgrade firewalls, and institute multi-factor authentication. For companies with more pressing security concerns, we also address disk encryption; identity management; data loss prevention (DLP); and domain-based message authentication, reporting, and conformance (DMARC), which mitigates email phishing. Our security service also includes training of end users on security best practices. Your employees will learn how to identify potentially malicious communications, including emails and phone calls. Training includes video courses and post-training tests to confirm comprehension. For example, users may receive test malware emails to gauge how they handle the communication.

On an ongoing basis, we monitor and maintain security. When possible and feasible, we enhance your security profile by adding relevant software and hardware, as well as establishing new security processes.

With our security service, you can expect:

  • Fewer breaches. Did you know that 57% of breaches could have been prevented by installing available software and OS patches? That’s why one of our first priorities is updating your systems—and keeping them that way.
  • Saved time. Businesses spend an average of 321 hours per week on managing the vulnerability response process. We take that burden off your hands, so your team can focus on other critical tasks.
  • Greater security accountability. In addition to our end-user training, you can verify which users have viewed training modules. This can help ensure your employees stay in the know about good security behaviors.