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Your business uses a number of infrastructure elements and devices—switches, servers (physical or virtual), fax machines, printers, phone systems, and more. Any of these elements can cause issues within your network unless monitored.

Our network infrastructure management service not only covers monitoring, but also configuration, security, and health checks.

Here are a few use cases for network infrastructure management:

  • Redesign. If you’re looking to grow your business, your infrastructure needs to align accordingly. You may need to increase the number of infrastructure elements from 10 to 200, and that requires knowing hardware, layout, and more. We have you covered with a tailored redesign plan.
  • Migration. Need to migrate from one server to another, a server to the cloud, or an old firewall to a new one? Or maybe you just need to migrate your email from one service to another. We can handle whatever migration scenario you’re faced with.

Upgrade/expansion. Opening a second office and want them both to communicate as one? We can expand your infrastructure and ensure implementation goes off without a hitch.