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Do your IT efforts match the scale of your business? As you grow and add more elements to your IT landscape, it becomes more challenging to keep everything up to par. Hardware and software go unpatched, antivirus software isn’t updated, and support tickets go unresolved. The result is a combination of security and workflow concerns.

Our managed services alleviate these concerns by monitoring all desktops and logs, monitoring network equipment, staying on top of device alerts, patching hardware and software, updating software, managing backups, and securing your network from hackers. We can also manage and monitor email (e.g., Microsoft 365) or other services you use.

Retaining our managed services results in:

  • Less downtime. Proactive monitoring and remote endpoint management reduces incidents of unplanned downtime by up to 80%.
  • Faster remediation. Support tickets are inevitable, but we can help reduce the time it takes to resolve them by 50 – 70%.
  • Greater security. With an expert team managing and monitoring your IT landscape, we bolster your edge, network, and end-point security.