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The ‘new Normal’ For Digital Technology

The Covid-19 pandemic has forever changed the way we utilize technology and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  This pandemic is driving enterprises to examine their technology platforms and adjust due to an unprecedented period in our world’s history. Many businesses who were ill prepared to go completely remote had no recourse … Continue reading "The ‘new Normal’ For Digital Technology"

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The Fundamental Necessity of Cloud Computing: Innovation and Creation

Cloud computing, a sub-sector of technology that is often undervalued, is predicted to continue to flourish as a substantial dependence on tech continues to grow amid the pandemic. Pair that with artificial intelligence (AI), and the cloud computing sector becomes even more of a prominent force in the industry.  Cloud computing is a key enabler … Continue reading "The Fundamental Necessity of Cloud Computing: Innovation and Creation"

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The Importance of Application Security Awareness

Developers have long maintained a blind spot in regards to application security.  The demand for their products to be the first to market has customarily left security to be tackled at the end of development; if at all.  This lack of security edict during the developmental phase has increased awareness and need for application security. … Continue reading "The Importance of Application Security Awareness"

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