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Whether you have an entire IT department or a two-person team, you know the headache of dealing with tons of physical equipment—having to spec out and set up servers, replace old or worn power supplies, upgrade systems, and so on. It’s time-consuming and costly.

Our cloud computing & virtualization service enables you to take advantage of public clouds through trusted brands like Google and Amazon. These can replace the rooms of physical equipment you have and send that computing and data processing power into a virtual server hosted in the cloud. You also have the option of a private cloud for greater control.

Notably, moving to the cloud transfers financial accountability from corporate to operating expenditures, as you will be receiving cloud services through a subscription plan.

Cloud computing & virtualization can help you achieve:

  • Fewer man hours. Maintaining physical equipment consumes a large chunk of your IT staff’s time. Cloud computing frees them up to focus on strategy and user support.
  • Lower technology costs. An approximate 79% of businesses see cost savings, increased efficiencies, and enablement of new technologies by switching to public clouds, according to an Accenture survey.
  • Greater agility. Public clouds are always available and up to date, and possess strong analytical capabilities. You can tap into this power—the same Accenture survey indicates 36% of businesses reduce their time to market using the cloud.