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About Us

Welcome To The Xeryus Business Solutions

Xeryus provides Business Solutions for small to mid-sized networks. We specialize in addressing the day to day needs of our clients while preparing, envisioning, and projecting the future growth of their data services environment.

Xeryus was founded in 1999 to provide critical network support for the Y2K phenomenon. After welcoming the new millennium, our next challenge was how to provide design, implementation, and network support for upstart companies during the dot com boom. Our challenge included providing expert level support at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. We are proud in the fact that none of our challenges were insurmountable and that we have remained in business for over ten years.

In today’s market place, we have adopted a new approach in supporting our clients. Client diversity and data needs have led us to interact with companies on a broader scale. Efficiency is our goal. Not only do we provide data services, we also use technology to enable smaller companies to compete with their larger competitors. We now offer virtual network solutions to our clients with remote installation. This means less down time and maximization in productivity. We have also grown and become a subsidiary of the Third Coast Conglomerate Group and are in the process of expanding our services to meet more of our clients daily needs. Although we have become more efficient, we still maintain our motto of bringing you the best for less.

Xeryus has become a one stop shop for many of our clients. In our growth, we have hired several talented individuals and partnered with independent consultants who are masters in their field which allows Xeryus to continually offer various innovative solutions. We provided ongoing training sessions for our personnel so that we remain educated on the current technology trends and we are able to extend this training to our clientele. We also rely heavily on client feedback to provide us with new ideas for services to offer. All this is why Xeryus has been able to remain a force to contend with in the technology industry.